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Paul Ndema works mostly with oil and acrylics on canvas. He chooses to use satire to put his message across.
See his full profile and artworks here.



Otieno N.O. WillisWILLIS OTIENO – Kenya
Kenyan artist, Willis Otieno continuously explores different techniques and has become known for his chicken eggshell mosaic artworks, whilst incorporating his earlier love for portrait and abstract painting in both oil and acrylic paints. He lives and works in Kisumu; and is married with three beautiful children.
See his full profile and artworks here.


REDIET SISAY – Ethiopia RedietProfileCropped Currently working as a studio artist in Addis Ababa, Rediet Sisay’s art reflects the attitude and vision of women, and their passion and efforts to create better lives for themselves.
See her full profile and artworks here.



Profile2EMANUEL TEGENE – Ethiopia
Emanuel is an artist that captures thoughts, scenes, ideas and conversations from life around him in his artworks. The various encounters he has with people he meets inspires him to recreate their stories on a canvas.
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ProfileImageMEZGEBU TESEMA – Ethiopia
Mezgebu is an artist who is truly bonded to, and inspired by, the beauty of nature, expressing his love for the magnificent Ethiopian landscape in his paintings.
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SelfPortraitABIY TESFAYE – Ethiopia
Abiy Tesfaye is an Ethiopian artist who is inspired by daily life in his society as well as nature. Sometimes his work is a means of self-expression as an artist.
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hhhMEHARI TESHOME – Ethiopia
Inspired by nature and life around him, Ethiopian artist, Mehari Teshome creates pieces that reflect his interpretation of his own personality. Through fluid lines and colour he strives to reflect the tension and struggle of those around him, as well as his own.
See his full profile and artworks here. 


bob-nosa uwagboe (2)-1BOB-NOSA UWABOE – Nigeria
Bob-Nosa’s paintings are a testament to his voice. His works have shocked some viewers and his almost naïve but thought-provoking figures have been described as radical, unique, and a new kind of primitivism. Many critics have drawn parallels with the conceptual works of famous American artist, Jean Michel Basquiat.
See his full profile and artworks here.


YonatanWondwosanYONATAN WONDWOSEN – Ethiopia
Ethiopian artist, Yonatan Wondwosen uses meticulous collage and paint techniques on paper or canvas to create his precise, detailed artworks.
See his full profile and artworks here.








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