About African Artbeat

small1Leigh Cann is the founder and curator of African Artbeat. She studied Graphic Design at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa, graduating with a National Higher Diploma in Graphic Design, in 1990.

Leigh has worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 20 years, primarily in the magazine publishing industry.

In 2006 she started her own freelance design business, Leigh Cann Design. As freelancer she worked for several large publishing houses in Cape Town, as well as doing smaller design projects such as corporite identities, invitations, brochures and other marketing material.

In 2010, Leigh moved to the Netherlands. Since then, Leigh has turned her hand to writing as well, and has been published in international publications such as Global Living Magazine (USA) and has written as guest blogger for sites such as @ Home Abroad.

Living in the Netherlands, she has discovered that while many other European, Asian or American artists have a voice in Europe, most artists from Africa do not.
For many people, Africa remains a mysterious entity; a place many say thay will visit ‘one day’, but seldom actually do.
Leigh and African Artbeat aim to promote the vibrancy and undeniable energy of Africa to the rest of the world. Through art, all lives can be touched by the relentless African spirit.


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